Lagardere Unlimited Wozniacki
5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 850
Washington DC, 20015

If you would like to order signed autograph cards we kindly ask you to enclose a return envelope (format C6, 162 x 114mm) with the appropriate postage and your address written on it. Please note that all letters without postage will not be returned. You can include special coupons for international mail or two US-Dollar for postage.
If you would like to send me letters, cards or pictures please send them to the address below. Please note that articles received by mail (balls, photos, etc) to be autographed are not accepted and will not be returned. Email Address:* Postal Address:* Caroline Wozniacki* 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 850* Washington, DC 20015* It’s always great to hear from my fans!

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